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Vicki Marlett

Superstar Consultant


My Story

I have been a Scentsy customer almost since the day Scentsy started. My good friend signed up early on in 2005 and introduced me to the product knowing I was a candle/good smell lover. I always support my friends and so I bought a warmer and 3 pack of bars from her to get her started. Little did I know that she got me started! It was love at first smell and I am still hooked! Scentsy is an amazing company with an amazing product. Quality service and people are what Scentsy is all about and I decided to finally join the ranks in May 2010. This products are amazing and beautifully designed so needless to say, I am addicted! It is THE safest way to fill your home with quality and amazing fragrance! My family loves it, too and are my best sales reps and customers! I am a Scentsible woman! I have been in the DFW area since I was 5 years old and although I am not a native Texan - I got here as fast as I could! I love Texas and Tennessee (Old Hickory is my hometown), music, spending time with friends and family and making people laugh! If you want to hear more about me or Scentsy you can email me from my site page!

Scentserely Yours,


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